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Bird Training Rewards

Bird training rewards can be a very effective tool in helping your bird learn new behaviors. As with any training, consistency and praise should be used along with bird training rewards.

Choose a treat that your bird truly enjoys to use as bird training rewards. Be sure the portion sizes are small, usually consisting of just one bite. This is important for a few reasons. For one thing, you don’t want your bird gaining weight simply because she is doing well at her training! Just as important, though, you want to keep the focus on the training rather than on the food itself. If it takes your bird too long to consume the bird training reward, she may become distracted from the training and no longer connect the reward with the positive behavior. Using a particular treat just as a bird training reward, and not giving it to the bird at any other time or in any other context, can help reinforce the connection between the desired behavior and the bird training reward.