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Read About Amazon Birds

ImageAmazon birds are amazing animals and can make a very interesting pets and lifelong companions. They are typically highly intelligent and social birds and do well living and adjusting to humans. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon birds.

Birds of the Amazon

There are roughly 1500 species of birds in the Amazon Basin. They cover the rainforest because it is the largest area of fresh water and the river separating the forest animals creates a nice safety zone for the Amazon birds. The Amazon is home to roughly one-third of all the bird species currently known.

  1. The Macaw is the biggest of the tropical birds and probably the most easily recognized. They are also popular pets because of their colors, beauty and ability to mimic speech and sounds.
  2. Parrots are equally popular because of their pretty colors and ability to talk. They also have a fairly long life span of 30-49 years.
  3. Toucans are unique with their large hallow beaks, but they tend to do well in captivity and are therefore chosen as pets.
  4. The Great Blue Heron is a water bird that lives off of frogs, fish and small turtles. They live in the waters of North America.
  5. The Harpy Eagle is the largest bird of prey. He is powerful and rare, but he is another example of the kinds of tropical birds that live in the Amazon.

Caging a Bird of the Amazon


Choosing a cage for Amazon birds is a big decision. It will likely be a costly investment, but considering the long life of these birds, it should serve your pet well for many years to come. He should have the largest cage available so he has space to spread him wings, fly and play. He should have a dome top play area for exercise and plenty of toys to keep him from getting bored.

Feeding Amazon Birds

Amazon birds love food and for this reason they are easy to train. They will do nearly anything for a treat. You can see this at bird shows at your local zoo or nature center. They will fly, pick things up and do tricks, whistle or whatever their trainer asks them to do. Everyday foods can include pellets, fruits, vegetables and seeds. Use nuts as a reward for the bird when the Amazon birds do a new trick or behave the way you want him to.