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Read About Australian Native Birds

Australian birds are beautiful, colorful, unique and diverse. They live everywhere from the open country to the coastal waters to the woodlands of Australia. Here's everything you need to know about Australian native birds.

Australian Parrots

Parrots are common Australian native birds. They vary in size, color and other features, but they remain intelligent, vocal birds. The Eastern Rosella, for example, is a bird the color of the rainbow that is based in Southeast Australia and Tasmania. The Budgerigar is a small parrot that is often referred to as a Parakeet. It has a green belly and can live peacefully with other birds. They can be trained to talk, which makes them a popular choice for a pet for family households. At the opposite end of the size spectrum is the King Parrot. These are the largest of the parrot family and are usually found in pairs. They have a loud bell-like bird call and require a lot of care and a very large cage if they are to be kept in captivity. When choosing a parrot for a pet, it is important to consider their long life span because they have been known to live longer than their owners.

Other Unique and Colorful Birds of Australia

There are approximately 820 Australian native birds. The Emu is one such bird. It is one of the largest animals in the bird family, second only to the Ostrich. He is a running bird who has the ability to live in and cope with extreme weather changes. The Galah is another bird from Australia. It is the most common of the Cockatoos. It lives in the open county. It has a pink face and belly with grey wings and it looks like it is wearing a light pink hat. It is highly social, but also tends to make a lot of noise and needs a lot of attention from its owner. The Rose Robin is a long-tailed pink-bellied Robin that is small and has a white patch above its beak. They live along the coast of Australia. The Kookaburra, on the other hand, lives in the woodland areas. It is useful in Australia because it feeds off of snakes and lizards. That's the kind of bird I would want to have around too! As distinct as the Australian native birds are, some are nearing extinction and some species are more common than others.