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Read About Aviary

A large bird requires a large bird house, called an aviary. Building an aviary may be necessary to house your large bird outdoors. Here's everything you need to know about an why an aviary is necessary for larger birds.

What is an Aviary?

An aviary is a very large house or cage in which to hold birds. It gives them more space and it gives the owner more options than a traditional bird cage that sits inside the house. An aviary is often a large outdoor construction. They can be pre-made, custom made or home made, depending on your needs and the type of birds you plan to house in your aviary.

What is the Benefit of Using an Aviary?

An aviary is useful for large birds and Amazons. It gives the birds more freedom to fly, more flexibility to roam, stretch and play and gives them more access to their natural element. They are able to get more natural lighting and the temperature can be set to their exact needs, rather than having to adapt to the needs of humans. They tend to do best at around 60 degrees in the winter months and as high as 90 degrees in the summer.

Designing and Creating an Aviary

A lot of things need to be factored in when deciding what kind of aviary you are going to create. Choosing a simple steel frame, a more complicated wooden structure or a state-of-the-art glass dome will depends on factors such as what type of bird you have, how many birds you will house in the aviary, how much time you can devote to the project and how much money you are willing to invest in the aviary. You may also choose to model the aviary after a building, famous place or to look like your own home. Once you decide upon the structure, you'll need to think about the specifics like how you will heat and cool the environment for your bird, how you will keep your bird safe in the aviary and how you will set up the inside of the aviary. Will you build separate cages for the birds inside the aviary or will ye let them roam free within the structure? Will you add plants and other items to the aviary in order to create a natural setting for the bird? It's important that your bird is comfortable in the aviary and you can test certain settings and change them if necessary to fit the needs of the bird.