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Read About Aviary Plans

Creating aviary plans can be very time consuming, but it will save you money and trouble down the road to have a map of how you will proceed. Here's everything you need to know about making aviary plans and following through with them.

The Purpose of Making Aviary Plans

Having a blueprint before you begin construction on your aviary will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Although it will take some time to create aviary plans, it is a good idea to at least have a rough draft on paper to give you a better idea of how much space you'll actually need for the aviary, how long it will take to build, what supplies will be needed and what kind of expert advice, if any, you will need to complete the project.

Using Aviary Plans to Create a Bird House Structure

Once you've completed a blueprint for your aviary plans; you'll want to begin the work by clearing space for your aviary. You may find it necessary to dig trenches, connect them with wood planks and support them with concrete blocks and fill the base with concrete. This is a good way to set the foundation for the aviary. Next, assemble a pre-made shed kit and treat the wood with a preservative. Erecting the shed will require an extra hand or two. Once all the walls are in place, it is time to add the roof. From there is it just finishing touches. You may want to add gutters, work out the ventilation for the aviary structure and add internal and external vents. From there you will add insulation and plywood to the walls and lay hardboard over the floor. Put polystyrene sheeting on the roof to help control the temperature of the aviary and use a waterproof coating on the floors to protect them and ensure their durability. All that is left to do now is paint and decorate!

Supplies Needed to Complete Your Aviary Plans

The supplies you'll need depends on the type of aviary plans you develop. To build a shed-like structure as described above, you will need a custom built shed kit, concrete blocks, liquid concrete, treated Douglas fur or pine wood, gutters, ventilation supplies, insulation, plywood, hardboards, polystyrene sheeting, paint and plenty of free time. If done properly, your aviary plans should help you create a bird house that will out you and your bird.