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Introducing your New Bird

Introducing your new bird can be done with ease if you prepare things in advance and remain calm. It does require some patience. Here is information that will help. First and very important, a quarantine time of 5 or 6 weeks is planned. Keeping the bird as far from your other bird or birds, as possible is vital for disease control. This could mean to keeping new pet in another room with the door closed, or another building, if possible. Cleaniness is extremely important during the quarantine time frame. Be sure everyone washes their hands after contact with every bird in the household. Keep all toys and equipment separate. See that all cages are cleaned every day during this time helps reduce the risks of illness. Introducing you new bird can begin, after you have the bird examined by an avian vet once the quarantine stage has passed. This is a great time to have the wings of the new bird clipped. After the go ahead from the veterinarian, you can make the introductions. Usually, if in the same building, your older bird or birds will have heard the new one and be curious all ready. Keeping the birds in one room, but separate cages is suggested. This will give them the opportunity to know each other without fear. Pay attention to every bird at different times. Continue to treat the older bird or birds as special, to avoid jealously. The idea would be to give attention equally, while allowing the older bird to feel it is still your most loved. After several weeks or so, allow each bird out to get some exercise together. A playstand you never used would be a good spot to get socializing started. Watch to see if there is any aggression or jealously signs. Be watchful of biting or feather pulling. If you see this behavior, put the birds back into their cages. Keep calm talking softly to each bird and reassure each one over and over of how wonderful they are. Depending on the individual personalities, they may or may not get along. Don’t give up. Make many attempts to help them get along. It takes patience. Ask you vet for some help if needed. If nothing is working, then just keep up what you were doing with them in separate cages. However, if you do see progress, keep working on this. It could take many months for the birds to relate. Sometimes it’s immediate and the birds love each other. Introducing your new bird isn’t always an easy process, but the reward of a peaceful co-existence is priceless.