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Read About Amazon Bird Cage

Owning an Amazon bird can be a wonderful experience and a long term investment, but choosing the right sized Amazon bird cage is critical for your bird's happiness and long term care. Here's everything you need to know about buying an Amazon bird cage.

Buying an Amazon Bird

There is no doubt that an Amazon bird is an expensive purchase. There are approximately 25 species and some subspecies of Amazons to choose from, but the most popular pets are the parrot and macaw. They are vocal, colorful, beautiful and highly intelligent birds. They screech and often learn to talk. They also make great companions and get attached to their owners. Housing your Amazon is a big responsibility though. It is important to invest in the right kind of Amazon bird cage to protect the health, happiness and longevity of your investment. The cage can be as pricey as the bird itself.

Choosing an Amazon Bird Cage

When is comes to choosing an Amazon bird cage, bigger is better. The smallest the cage should be is 21x21x27. The key is to make sure the bird can spread his wings without touching either side of the cage. A square or rectangle shaped cage is best for Amazons. Round cages encourage nervous, circling behavior in these birds. The cage should have think bars so the bird cannot chew through them and they should be close enough together so he cannot get his head through the bars. The door should be large enough for him to get in and out easily. He should also have horizontal bars to play and climb on. If a cage does not come with them, you can add them to the cage later or invest in a dome top style that gives the bird extra room to play and get some exercise.

Indoor Exotic Birds

Keeping an exotic bird indoors does bring some challenges for the owner. It is important for the bird to get plenty of exercise and attention. It is also important that the owner of the bird remain dominant in the relationship. For that reason, the cage should be positioned so that the bird sits below eye level. You also need to carefully handle the bird when he is in heat. The other consideration is safety. Be sure the Amazon bird cage you choose is the right size, is strong and durable and has plenty of room for movement and play.