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Read About Backyard Birds

Backyard birds can entertain and educate you by providing you with easy bird watching from the comfort of your own home. With a feeder, bird bath, or bird house in your yard, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of birds while sitting at your kitchen table or relaxing in your favorite living room chair. The different varieties of birds around you may amaze you; you need only take the time to stop and pay attention to them.

A pair of binoculars, to bring the birds into view more closely, and a field guide or guidebook of birds in your area are the only supplies you need for watching backyard birds. The binoculars need not be fancy or expensive; a simple 8x25 (which enlarges what you are seeing to 8 times its normal size) binocular will do fine for easy bird watching. Binoculars like these can be purchased from a sporting goods store for around $50 or less. Select a guidebook that is specific to your region of the country. The more specific the geographic area of the book is, the more useful it can be. Before buying a book, you may want to check your library for field guides; this will give you the opportunity to "test" them out before deciding on a book to purchase.

Bird feeders and a source of water will help attract birds to your yard. Before purchasing a feeder, use your field guide to determine which birds you are most likely to attract. The types of birds indigenous to your area will help you determine what type of feeder and what type of seed or other feed to use. The three main types of bird feeders are hoppers, platforms, and tubes. Hoppers hold seed in a main cavity that feeds out onto a small platform area. Platform feeders include flat trays and cages that hold suet. Tube feeders are cylinders to be filled with seed, with holes or ports in the side for feeding. You may also want to consider specialized birdfeeders specifically for particular breeds, such as hummingbird feeders.

Bird houses can also attract birds to your yard. Most bird houses are constructed of wood, although other materials may be used. Quality bird houses should mimic the natural habitats of the types of birds you are trying to attract. The type of bird you are trying to attract with your bird houses will dictate where you should hang the houses.

The time of day, weather, and season can all have an effect on the types and numbers of birds you will see. If you hang a bird feeder, install a bird house, or create a bird bath, it may take some time to attract birds to your yard. Be patient and wait for the birds to discover the new oasis you have provided for them, then sit back and enjoy the show.