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Bird Care in an Emergency or Disaster

Keeping your bird from ruining your furniture can also help keep your bird safe and healthy, as some of the same bad habits a bird has can also affect its health.

The simplest solution would be to keep your bird in its cage. But many owners like to allow their birds to roam free, as it is good for the bird. If you choose to allow your bird to roam, whether it be in one area of, or throughout your whole house, then there are several steps and/ or precautions you should take. These include, but are not limited to, repellents and proper training.

One of these is to keep your bird from certain items. Birds are naturally gnawers, as it helps to keep their beaks trimmed. Wood items are generally a favorite of birds, but some lacquers and finishes can be toxic to your bird, especially the ones on antique furniture.