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Bird Potty Training

Bird potty training can be a fairly easy and straightforward process. It will likely take some time and patience, but the rewards will be well worth it. Be sure your pet is old enough before attempting bird potty training; most birds younger than 4 months of age are not mature enough to handle potty training. Concentrate on positive reinforcement when potty training; praise is far more effective than scolding. Remember to be patient and consistent in your bird potty training efforts.

Most birds do not defecate during the night, and therefore need to do so in the morning. Many birds are more likely to “go” shortly after they eat, and many birds poop frequently throughout the day. Generally speaking, the larger the bird is, the longer she can go between poops. Spend some time each day observing before you start bird potty training. Each bird is different and you may be able to identify some clear behavioral patterns in your pet. Many birds exhibit the same behaviors or mannerisms before eliminating. Knowing these will make bird potty training easier.