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Cat Flea and Tick Products

Cat flea and tick products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency or the Food and Drug Administration and are available through pet supply stores, catalogs, the Internet and through veterinarians. Cat flea and tick products come in many forms including shampoos, spot-ons, sprays, wipes, dips, collars, foggers, dusts, pills and oral medications. You will need to determine the best product for you and your cat based upon the age, health, ease of use, cost, how often you need to apply, etc.

Many of these cat flea and tick products act as repellents to keep the fleas and ticks from coming in contact with your cat. Others only act to kill adult fleas and ticks after they are already on your cat. Some products attack the immature fleas, preventing them from developing into adults. A few of the products are capable of preventing the fleas and ticks from settling on you cat and killing both adult and immature pests. Finally, some products have the advantage of preventing heartworm in cats as well.