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Cat Overweight

Cat overweight is a very common problem. About 40% of cats are considered to be obese. Just like people, our cats are simply taking in more calories then they expend. With domestication, cats no longer need to expend energy to hunt for their food or defend a territory. We decide what to provide our cats to meet their nutritional needs so it is imperative that we choose to feed our cats a quality cat food to prevent a cat overweight.

In some breed standards, a cat should appear sleek and long where as other breeds are more compact in appearance. A small breed such as Singapura may be overweight at 7 pounds where as a large breed cat such as Maine Coon can be at normal weight at 18 pounds. Your typical domestic short hair should weight about 8 to 12 pounds. Males are generally a few pounds heavier than female cats. A cat overweight will have ribs that are hard to feel, there is little or no waist when viewed from above and from the side and many have a bulge or skin folds under the abdomen.