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Best Cat Breeds for Apartments

The best cat breed for apartments can be difficult to pinpoint. While each breed has typical characteristics and a normal weight range, every cat is different. Some large cats do not mind apartment living at all, while some smaller cats find apartments confining. Here are some suggestions for those that might be the best cat breeds for apartments.

Himalayans can be ideal for apartment living, based on their size and temperament. short-haired cats with laid back personalities, they adapt well to smaller living quarters. Himalayan cats are active cats, but not considered to be overly high-energy animals. They crave human attention and interaction, and will often curl up in a human companion’s lap as soon as said lap is created. Unlike the Siamese, Himalayan cats tend to be quiet. When they do vocalize, the sound is a cross between the distinct voice of a Siamese and the melodious sound of a Persian.