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Dog Parasites

Unfortunately, dog parasites can be a nuisance for any canine owner regardless of how well your dog is taken care of or whether it is an indoor or outdoor pet. Fortunately, though, there are various preventative measures you can take to ensure your dog is protected as much as possible. There are several steps you can take to ensure your little best friend stays happy, healthy and free of dog parasites.

First of all, let’s review some of the dog parasites that are out there so you will have a better idea of what you might be dealing with. The most common freeloader out there is your fleas. I am sure you and every other dog owner out there have dealt with them. Then there are ticks, heartworms, lice, coccidian, ear mites, ring worms. They are all pretty creepy sounding, right? You wouldn’t want to have any of these and neither does your pet.