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AKC Dog Breeds

AKC Dog Breeds

Organized in the late 1800s, the American Kennel Club or AKC, has been a widely recognized group that sets the standards for numerous dog breeds. With over 150 breeds, AKC Dog Breeds include some popular names, as well as some that are rare and unfamiliar to many people. In order for a dog to be registered through the AKC, both of its parents must be AKC registered as well. AKC registration only ensures that the dog is from one recognized breed; it is not a guarantee of health, superior bloodlines, nor does it state anything about the breeder.

AKC Dog Breeds are divided into seven groups, one class, and the Foundation Stock Service. The seven groups include:

Sporting Group Hound Group Working Group Terrier Group Toy Group Non-Sporting Group Herding Group