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Read About Afghan Hound Breed

Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hounds are sometimes known as "Baluchi Hounds"; these sight hounds are distinguished by their noble bearing. Here's everything you need to know about this dog breed.

Quick Summary:

  1. Size:

    Large dog breed
  2. Weight:

    55-65 lbs
  3. ImageCoat:

    Thick, silky hair, fairly long except in the saddle area. Well-defined topknot.
  4. Shedding:

  5. Temperament:

    Aristocratic, a bit aloof, but sweet and loyal. Socialization is vital for this breed.
  6. Obedience:

    They must be trained kindly, but firmly. They are sensitive dogs, and this needs to be taken into account while instructing them.
  7. Ease of Training:

    Must be trained carefully, but will take to training. Is sometimes hard to housebreak.
  8. Way with Children:

    Best with older, considerate children.

- Facts

  1. AKC Group/Date Admitted:

    Hound Group/September 14, 1948
  2. Size & Weight:

    27"-29"; 55-65 lbs.
  3. Coat:

    Thick, silky hair, fairly long except in the saddle area. Well-defined topknot.
  4. Head & Muzzle:

    Narrow and refined, fairly long. Beautiful almond-shaped eyes.
  5. Body:

    Strong, with a nearly horozontal line from shoulders to hips. Pronounced hips, strong shoulders. Well-muscled, but with sleek musculature.
  6. Colors:

    All colors, although white markings are undesirable
  7. Life Expectancy:

    14 years
  8. Popularity:

    Although they are in the top 100 AKC-registered dogs, Afghans are a little low on the list at 86.
  9. Habitat:

    Afghans need room to run, and plenty of exercise. They are not a cood choice for apartment living.

- Origins

  1. Country of Origin:

    Sinai (Afghanistan)
  2. Historical Information:

    Very ancient dog, with a historical references as much as 4000 years ago.

- Defining Characteristics

  1. Temperament:

    Although generally even-tempered, some Afghans can be snippy or stand-offish.
  2. Behavior:

    Generally well-behaved with the above caveats.
  3. Habits:

    Can be slightly lethargic indoors, but loves to run a lot outside.

- Concerns

  1. Health Issues:

    Although a generally healthy breed, they are very sensitive to even small injuries.
  2. Exercise Needs:

    The Afghan is not a good apartment-dweller, as they need lots of space and exercise. 30" of open running off-leash is recommended for Afghan Hounds.
  3. Grooming Needs:

    ImageAfghans must be carefully and throughly groomed often. Grooming for these dogs means a weekly bath -- brushing the dry coat will break their long hair. Do not ever cut this dog's hair.
  4. Travel Needs:

    The Afghan may howl when confined to small places. Afghan Hounds need ample water at all times because their long coat makes them hotter sooner.
  5. Getting Along With Other Pets and Children:

    Can get along with other pets, especially if socialized with them from youth. Best with older, considerate children.

- How to Choose

  1. What to Look for in a Healthy Puppy:

    Look for bright eyes, a good coat, and solid muscles.
  2. What You Will Need For A New Puppy:

    An appropriate, door gates and backyard dog fencing will keep him safe. Lots of toys and room to run will keep him happy. Be sure to initiate a grooming regimen early.
  3. Puppy-Proofing your House:

    Puppies are small and explore a lot. Be sure that there is anything that your dog can get into, pull out, or chew is safe for him.