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Read About AKC Chichuahua Puppies

AKC Chichuahua Puppies are delicate but with the right precautions and plenty of affection, they can grow up to be adorable pets. Here's everything you need to know about this dog breed.

AKC Chichuahua Puppies - Facts

  1. AKC Group:

  2. Size & Weight:

    Around 6 inches tall and maximum 6 lbs in weight.
  3. Coat:

    AKC Chichuahua Puppies can have both long hair and short hair depending on their type.
  4. Head & Muzzle:

    AKC Chichuahua Puppies have an apple shaped head and short pointed muzzle.
  5. Body:

    Chichuahua Puppies are considered to be the smallest puppies in the world. Its back is level and its legs are straight. Image
  6. Colors:

    AKC Chichuahua Puppies come in various colors.
  7. Life Expectancy:

    Around 15 years.
  8. Popularity:

    AKC Chichuahua Puppies are very popular.
  9. Habitat:

    AKC Chichuahua Puppies don't like extremely hot or cold climates. Therefore, they need to be bundled up in winters and kept cool in warm weather.

AKC Chichuahua Puppies - Origins

  1. Country of Origin:

  2. Lineage:

    The Chinese may have introduced this breed of dog. The exact lineage in not known.
  3. Date Admitted to AKC:

  4. Historical Information:

    This breed was considered to be sacred in Mexico and some Asian nations.

AKC Chichuahua Puppies - Defining Characteristics

  1. Training Ease:

    The AKC Chichuahua puppies can be difficult to train. They are also noisy and stubborn. However, the trainer should not be harsh with the dog while training it.
  2. Temperament:

    AKC Chichuahua puppies are strong willed dogs who demand affection but at the same time return the affection. They are bold and proud and don't like to be neglected.
  3. Child Friendly:

    Not very compatible with children. They can be difficult to handle.
  4. Behavior:

    Well behaved usually, they don't respond to strangers well.
  5. Habits:

    To show their affection, AKC Chichuahua puppies like to lick their owner's face a lot. Wheeze and snore as well.

AKC Chichuahua Puppies - Concerns

  1. Health Issues:

    AKC Chichuahua puppies are prone to dry cornea, cold, and gum problems. The gap in their skull during birth might remain unclosed throughout its lifetime making it prone to injuries as well.
  2. Feeding:

    Meals should be regularized according to how active the puppy is. Image
  3. Exercise Needs:

    AKC Chichuahua puppies should be kept active and not treated like an arm piece all the time. Play with your puppies and take them for walks regularly.
  4. Grooming Needs:

    Doesn't need much grooming except that AKC Chichuahua Puppies are susceptible to gum problems, hence proper dental care is a must.
  5. Special Household Needs:

    Make sure the puppies climb stairs carefully. In addition, holes, large openings, windows, etc should be kept closed as AKC Chichuahua puppies can fit in any place and even try to escape.
  6. Travel Needs:

    AKC Chichuahua puppies are good traveling dogs.
  7. Getting Along With Other Pets:

    May not get along with other pets if not socialized as a pup.

AKC Chichuahua Puppies -- How to Choose

  1. What to Look for in a Healthy Puppy:

    The ears should be erect and the eyes bright and prominent.
  2. What you will Need for a New Puppy:

    For colder weather, sweaters are essential to keep the puppy warm.
  3. Puppy-Proofing your House:

    No elaborate arrangements, as the puppies will not cause much damage.
  4. How to Make your New Puppy Feel at Home:

    AKC Chichuahua puppies are very demanding and don't consider their minuscule size as a disadvantage. They long for attention and love and should be given that in the right proportion, though in moderation or you will spoil your pup.