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Best Dog Breeds for Children

If you are considering purchasing a dog for your family, it is best to do some research on the best dog breeds for children. While most puppies of any breed will seem just fine for your kids, these dogs eventually do grow up and have certain behaviors and characteristics that might not make them the best dog breeds for children. Dog breeds that have an easy-going personality, lots of patience, and a playful spirit are often the best dog breeds for children. Some of the top choices include the Golden Retriever because of their love for activities and being outdoors; the Schnauzer, with their eagerness to please and protect their family; the Labrador Retriever, which seem to have an endless amount of energy just like your kids; the Boston Terrier, which does well with active or laid back families.

There are several other breeds that could be suitable for your family as well. It is best to understand your lifestyle, activity level, and the amount of time that you will be able to dedicate to your new dog. Many breeds are quite needy and will not do well being locked up in the house all day while everyone is away busy with other activities. Many dogs are easy to fit right into your daily life and become a part of any activity that you many enjoy.