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Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming tips can provide helpful advice to keep your dog looking his best. Proper grooming is not only important for a dog’s appearance but for his health as well. Some important supplies for do-it-yourself dog grooming include brushes, combs, clippers, shampoo, and nail clippers.

A very basic dog grooming tip is that a good quality dog brush is an essential grooming tool. Most dogs should be brushed about either daily or at least once a week. This is an extremely general guideline, since dogs with very short coats will not need as frequent grooming, and dogs with long, thick, or fluffy coats may need to be brushed daily. Regular brushing removes dead hair, stimulates the dog’s skin, and redistributes natural oils. The type of dog brush that will work best depends on your dog’s coat. Slicker brushes are fine for short coats. For dogs with longer coats, natural bristle brushes maybe most effective. For dogs with very wiry or fluffy hair, a comb may be needed in addition to a brush.