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Read About AKC Chow Puppies for Sale

 -- Reasons and Facts

  • ImageWhat Pet to Purchase:

    This is entirely dependent on your lifestyle, space, and personal preference. If a Chow is what you want, plenty of breeders will have AKC Chow puppies for sale.

  • When to Buy:

    Any time is a good time to buy a Chow, provided you are prepared to welcome it into your home.
  • AKC Chow Puppies For Sale -- Where to Look

    1. Online:

      Online sources are abundant, with plenty of breeders advertising AKC Chow puppies for sale through the Internet.

    2. Classifieds:

      Though old-fashioned, you may still find the pup you want through an ad in your local daily.

    3. Pet Shows:

      Dog shows are great places to check out what is there in the market. Several breeders come to show their dogs and also have AKC Chow puppies for sale.

    4. Local Vet:

      A good way to identify a reputed breeder of Chow dogs is your local vet. He may know who has AKC Chow puppies for sale in the vicinity.

    AKC Chow Puppies For Sale -- What to Look For

    1. ImagePet Temperament:

      Chow Chows are alert, intelligent, independent, and strong-willed dogs. They can be trained also if you use positive reinforcement.

    2. Pet's Surroundings:

      AKC Chow puppies for sale must be kept in an environment where socialization is occurring and the pup is happy and free.

    3. Pet's Health:

      Entropion, an eye problem and hip dysplasia are the common ailments that plague this breed, but make sure your breeder has done the necessary tests before you buy the pup. Also ask to see medical records of the parents.

    4. What to Avoid:

      Don't bring a Chow Chow into your home if you cannot give it time. These dogs cannot be left alone in a yard and can get aggressive if provoked or left among unfamiliar people or pets.

    AKC Chow Puppies For Sale -- How to Choose

    1. Type of Pet:

      AKC Chow puppies make great pets if you are prepared to spend time and money on its training and grooming.

    2. Supplies & Equipment:

      Grooming equipment like scissors and clippers, shampoos and combs apart, your Chow pup needs a cozy place to sleep in, feeding bowl, a collar and leash and toys.

    3. Expense:

      AKC Chow puppies for sale will cost you between $500 and $800 by conservative standards.