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Read About Adopt A Dog Info


 Reasons and Facts

1.     Why Adopt:

When you adopt or rescue a dog, you are giving a deserving animal a second chance in life. Image

2.     What Pet to Adopt:

If you are looking to adopt a specific breed, there are rescue organizations in operation for every breed. If you don't have a particular breed in mind, you can visit the shelters local to your area to select a dog.

3.     When to Adopt:

Shelters and rescue organizations usually have an influx of pets right after holidays. But anytime is really a good time to give a deserving puppy or dog a new home.

Adopt a Dog -- Where to Look

1.     Online:

Specific breed rescue organizations such as the U.S. Shih-Tzu Rescue all have web sites through which they network to save and find good homes for pure --bred dogs.

2.     Classifieds:

Often, your hometown newspaper will have ads for pets that need new homes.

3.     Local Vet:

Check out the bulletin board of your local vets for good dogs that need new homes.

Adopt a Dog -- What to Look For

1.     Pet Temperament:

Sometimes a dog that needs rescuing or adoption has been mistreated or neglected. They will need your care and patience because of the problems that this can cause. But for most dogs, over time, bad habits, fears, and other undesirable behaviors can be overcome.

2.     Pet's Surroundings:

A credible adoption or rescue organization will keep their dogs warm and fed. Often these organizations work from public contributions, so the accommodations will not be plush, which is an even better reason to adopt.

3.     Pet's Health:

Ask for any information and paperwork they may have on inoculations and health history. You may also want to have the dog checked out by your vet prior to making a permanent commitment.

4.     What to Avoid:

Avoid being pushed into any decision you don't feel certain you can make. Adopting a dog is a wonderful act of compassion, but is nonetheless a serious commitment.

     -- How to Choose

1.     ImageType of Pet:

It is sometimes hard to find puppies for adoption, so you may have to decide about whether a young or adult dog is right for you. If you want to rescue a specific breed, you might have to wait and you will probably have to pay for its travel expenses to you.

2.     Supplies & Equipment:

Any dog, whether a puppy or adult will need the basics -- food and water bowls, a leash, a few toys, and a warm place to sleep. If you are adopting or rescuing a young dog that needs to be potty trained, you might want to consider a crate.

3.     Expense:

Adopting a dog requires a minimal expense. Most dogs up for adoption have had inoculations and have been neutered. There is an adoption fee that helps support the organization. In terms of rescuing a pure bred dog, if the dog needing a new home is across the country from you, the expense of getting it to you will be greater than if he were close to your home.