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Read About Choosing Dog Memorials


Choosing dog memorials is a very private decision. Dog memorials can take many forms, but all provide a lasting tribute to a dog that was beloved and deserves to be honored. Some dog owners choose memorials that are stones to mark an actual grave site, or opt for a stone that is in memory of a dog. Others choose memorials in the form of urns to hold the dog’s remains. Still others choose a memorial of a different sort, such as a tree planted in a dog’s honor or a donation in the dog’s name. Whatever your preference, choosing dog memorials deserves careful consideration.

If you are choosing a dog memorial to mark an actual grave site, there are several factors to consider. If your dog is being buried in a pet cemetery, there may be certain restrictions that the cemetery places on the size and shape of the marker. There may even be a particular company from whom you are required to order; check with the cemetery for details.

If you are burying your dog privately, be sure to check with your local municipality. Some places have strict laws regarding the burial of pets. If you are legally permitted to bury your dog on your property, you can select how the grave should be marked. There are many companies that produce engraved stones to serve as dog memorials. You may also choose to create your own dog memorial, by painting a stone, or creating a memorial out of some other material. If you are not permitted to actually bury your dog’s remains, you can still designate a spot on your property to set aside as a memorial to your beloved pet.


Some dog owners prefer to have their dog’s remains cremated. In this case, choosing a dog memorial can mean selecting an urn to hold the ashes. Again, there is an array of companies that produce urns for this purpose. You can select from very traditional designs or much more unique productions; choosing a dog memorial is a matter of your own taste and a reflection of your dog’s personality.

Some dog owners prefer choosing dog memorials that are a more symbolic gesture. Frequently, dog owners choose to plant trees, shrubs, or even small gardens in memory of their beloved pet. Choosing dog memorials that are living, growing things can help them feel the presence of their pet after his passing. Others choose dog memorials in the form of donations in the dog’s name. Many animal shelters, dog parks, and other facilities for dogs have memorial areas to pay tribute to dogs that have passed on.

Choosing dog memorials can be an important part of the grieving process after losing a dog. There are a variety of types of memorials and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to memorialize your beloved pet. Choosing dog memorials that pay tribute to your pet and reflect his personality will help his memory live on.