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Dog Travel Risks and Dangers

Dog travel risks and dangers are, unfortunately, a very real part of traveling with your dog. Through proper trip planning and preparation, though, these risks can be minimized so that you and your dog can enjoy your trip. Always plan your travels with your dog as far in advance as possible. This allows you time to research best travel methods and find out any applicable requirements or restrictions that your travel may include.

When traveling by car, minimize dog travel risks and dangers by securing your dog properly. If you choose to use a carrier, be sure the carrier is large enough to comfortably fit your dog, with enough room for her to stand or lie, and turn around. If you opt not to keep your dog in a carrier while in the car, consider a dog safety seat. When driving, the carrier or dog car seat should always be secured in the back seat if your car has front seat air bags. As with small children, the force of an inflating airbag can harm or kill your dog. The safest place for traveling with your dog in the car is in the middle of the backseat, securely tethered in a carrier or dog seat.