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Safe Dog Truck Travel

Safe dog truck travel is important for dog-loving truck owners. While a dog in the bed on a pickup truck with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and his tail wagging may seem like a quintessential sight, it is extremely unsafe for your dog. Responsible dog owners ensure their pooches are carefully secured in any vehicle.

First and foremost, safe dog truck travel involves never leaving your dog in the bed of a moving truck. If you have to swerve or brake suddenly and your dog is in the back of a pickup truck, chances are high that he will be thrown form your vehicle. The impacts of the fall could seriously injury or even kill him. The danger doesn’t stop there. Once he is in the road, your dog could be struck by another driver. He also becomes a hazard to other drivers who may swerve to avoid him, causing collisions with other cars. While it may seem like attaching a leash to the truck bed would make it safe for your dog to ride in the back, this is not the case. Restrained dogs can still be thrown about in the bed and could be strangled or dragged by their leashes.