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Dog Car Restraints

Why Your Dog Needs a Seat Belt:

Why would we insist upon strapping ourselves and our children into a vehicle and not a dog? Isn't the dog just as vulnerable to injury in a car crash? It makes sense to strap your dog into the car to ensure his safety.

While canine car restraints are a relatively new phenomenon, they are becoming increasingly popular. Not only will they keep the dog safe, they will also protect the wellbeing of anyone else in the car who could be injured by an unrestrained dog being ejected from his seat in a crash.

Another reason for restraining your dog is to cut down on driver distraction. When your dog is hopping from the front seat to the back seat vying for your attention, it is nearly impossible for you to watch the road. If he is restrained by a seat belt, the likelihood of getting distracted is greatly minimized.