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Fish Ganging Up on Other Fish

If you’ve noticed lately that you are having problems in your aquarium with some of your fish ganging up on other fish, you have a few options available to you to solve the problem.

First, consider what kinds of fish you have in your tank. If you have more aggressive fish, they can and will gang up on smaller and weaker fish if they have the opportunity. The same holds true if you have fish that are schoolers, but have them in groups smaller than three. Schooling fish need three or more of the same kind in order to behave better. If you don’t have the right numbers of fish, the more aggressive fish will seek out schoolers who are not properly grouped. Consider adjusting the numbers of your more docile fish to relieve the problem. If you have noticed that there is a group of fish picking on another, and if the aggressive fish are not schooling fish, remove one or more of them from the tank and see if that solves the problem.