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Read About 10 Gallon Fish Tank

The 10 gallon fish tank is a perfect fit for fish lovers that do not have a lot of space, but want to make a home for more than one fish.

Sizing your fish tank

You should get a 10 gallon fish tank if you know that you want more than one fish, but do not have an area big enough to hold an aquarium. The 10 gallon fish tank is easily found in pet stores and department stores. It’s also easy to identify because everyone’s seen one. The 10 gallon fish tank is the glass fish tank that’s found in every pet store. It’s also frequently used to hold gerbils or hamsters.

Deciding on the fish

There are several different fish combinations that you can put in your 10 gallon fish tank. Pet stores recommend that you generally have one gallon of water for each inch of fish so the type and number of fish you can put in your 10 gallon fish tank really depends on how large the fish are. It also depends on how well the fish live together. Some fish do not like to live with other fish and will kill or eat other fish.

Because the number of fish you can put in your 10 gallon fish tank depends on the size of the fish, as a general rule you can get more fish in your tank if you choose smaller fish. For example, you can put about six fish in your 10 gallon fish tank if you decide to get neon tetras. These fish are small and do not get large. They also get along well together.

If you don’t want to get small fish, you can always opt for getting a few larger fish. It should be noted that several gold fish will not do well in a 10 gallon fish tank. Gold fish can get very large and will outgrow the tank however; there are plenty of other fish that can be placed in a 10 gallon fish tank.

One such fish is the barb. Barbs are little fish, but they’re not as small as neon tetras. For a 10 gallon tank, you shouldn’t get multiple fish that grow to be larger than just a couple of inches.

Keep the tank clean

All fish tanks, including a 10 gallon fish tank, need to be cleaned frequently because when a fish is kept in a tank, its waste collects and floats near the fish. When fish live in the wild, their waste is spread over a much greater area, reducing the incidence of illness among the fish. Cleaning a 10 gallon fish tank is not particularly difficult, especially if you make sure to keep an air filter in the tank, clean the tank regularly and fill it with clean, neutralized water.