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Read About Best Saltwater Community Fish

The best saltwater community fish would have to be the Damsel fish. Think about all the negative things you hear about saltwater fish like they are expensive and hard to keep and throw that out the window. Damels are the saltwater that breaks all the rules.

The best saltwater community fish is an easy fish to keep. Unlike other saltwater fish the Damsel is very hardy and will eat almost anything. Although they can be territorial and aggressive they will get along with their own kinsd. You can get away with a tank full of different types of Damsels but you may have problems if you try to add other kinds of fish. If you do insist on having different types of fish do your research to find the ones that will co-exist with the Damsel. One example of one that can be put with Damsels is the Anemones. Two Damsels that are not as aggressive are the Blue Devil and the Yellow Tailed. Also remember to do your research sincce some Damsels are more aggressive than the others. When mixing species they will only be aggressive to a species that is more docile than they are. These would be good Damsels for the first time saltwater fish owner. It is also said that saltwater fish are expensive. Damsels break this rule costing you approximately five dollars a fish. One thing that does remain true with the Damsel fish that is said about saltwater fish is there beauty. The best saltwater community fish has brilliant colors that will add beauty to your saltwater tank. ALthough you may not get a tank full of different fish you can still make it colorful, beautiful, and full of life. All you need to do is have a salwater tank that is in balance with a good filtration system and you are on your way to having a beautiful array of healthy Damsels. That is as hard as it gets with Damsels, a clean well filtrated tank. Just like any fish you first have to start with the correct equipment to give them a fighting chance but after that the Damsel fish are fairly easy to keep. All of these reasons make the Damsel fish the best saltwater community fish.

Now when starting your saltwater fish tank remember it will not be as hard as some lead you to believe if you choose Damsel fish. They are hardy, easy to care for, beautiful fish that will brighten your day. This is why when choosing the best saltwater community fish for your home Damsels should be your first choice.