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Choosing Aquarium Equipment

Choosing aquarium equipment for your freshwater fish need not be overwhelming. In choosing aquarium equipment, your tank is the most important purchase that you will make. The size that you select should not only fit your home and your budget comfortably, but it will also be dependent on what size and type of fish that you would like to have. Keep in mind that for every one inch of fish that you have, you should have one gallon of water in your tank. Plan accordingly and allow enough room for your fish, and you should be fine with your tank selection.

The next most important factor to consider in choosing aquarium equipment is selecting your filter system. Though there are three basic types of filtration (chemical, mechanical, and biological), the only type that is suitable for fish tanks is biological filtration. Biological filtration is the only efficient method of breaking down toxic ammonia. Many common filters on the market perform all three types of filtration, but you should not rely on the mechanical or chemical methods alone to rid your tank completely of toxins. Whatever type of filtration system that you choose, be sure that you change your filter at least as often as the manufacturer recommends. You cannot over-filter!