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Read About 55 Gallon Fish Tank

Buying a 55 gallon fish tank is the first of many items you’ll need to buy to in order to develop an effective fish tank or aquarium.

What do I need for a 55 gallon fish tank?

For a 55 gallon fish tank you need a lot of space, some money, a water filter, plants, a thermometer and plenty of light. You also might need a water heater depending on the type of fish you decide to put in your 55 gallon fish tank. These are just a few of the many items you will need to get your 55 gallon fish tank up and running.

A few details

A 55 gallon fish tank will be better enjoyed by the fish and by you if you put some light in the tank. It’s best to use florescent lights because these lights do not let off a lot of heat. This is good because maintaining the temperature of your 55 gallon fish tank is crucial to the health and survival of your fish.

Putting florescent lights in your 55 gallon fish tank is also beneficial to any plants that you decide to place in the tank. In order to grow plants need light and will do best in a tank that is well lit.

Getting a tank cover or hood for your 55 gallon fish tank is essentially because it will keep your fish where they belong; in the tank. Without a cover your fish can leave the tank. A coverless tank is also an open invitation to predators, such as your housecat.

Looking at space

A 55 gallon fish tank is not a small fish tank. It’s quite the opposite and in order to sustain this type of tank, you need a lot of space in your house. Your 55 gallon fish tank should be placed in an area of the house that you frequently occupy. This could be a living room or a den. If you decide to put the tank in a populated area, make sure it’s installed so it’s out of the way. You do not want your tank to be at risk of being toppled over.

Acrylic or glass?

Deciding between a 55 gallon fish tank that’s made out of acrylic versus buying one that’s made out of glass is really up to you. Acrylic tanks are popular because they tend to last longer however, they’re also more expensive than glass tanks and they scratch more easily.

Making this decision is really up to you because if you take care of them, your fish will be happy in either an acrylic 55 gallon fish tank or a glass 55 gallon fish tank.