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Read About 72 Gal Fish Tanks

Fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes, but 72 gal fish tanks are very popular for fish owners who want to own a variety of fish.

Look before you leap

Before you decide to get 72 gal fish tanks, think long and hard about what you’re about to do. These are large tanks that require a lot of care and a lot of money. You can’t just go to the store, pick up several 72 gal fish tanks and then plop them down in your living room.

First you need to designate a large space to hold the 72 gal fish tanks. Your average house does not have room for a tank of this size. However, if your houses is big enough, you can probably clear a space in one room for these tanks.

Before you buy 72 gal fish tanks you also need to think about cost. These tanks can be incredibly expensive, especially you need to buy a custom fit tank. They’re expensive because they’re large, but they’re also expensive because they require a lot of accessories and maintenance. So, do not go out looking for 72 gal fish tanks until you’re ready to make a large payment.

Keep the fish in mind

So you’re set on buying 72 gal fish tanks? Well, that’s fine, but before you go out and buy fish for your tank you need to do a little research. All fish do not live well together. Some fish are very aggressive and will kill other fish that are put into their tank. Other fish are aggressive, but only toward fish of their same species.

Clearly you do not want to put fish together if they’re going to kill one another. This will have a very negative impact on the atmosphere within your 72 gal fish tanks.

You also want to make sure that you’re buying fish that can handle the same living conditions. Mixing fresh and salt water fish in your 72 gal fish tanks is not a good idea. It’s also not a good idea to put fish together that have different temperature requirements. Fish are sensitive and if their body temperatures get too out of whack they will get sick or die.

Is this the only tank I can buy?

You are not at all bound by 72 gal fish tanks. Fish tanks range from 5 gallons to 250 gallons with everything in between. If you do not feel comfortable raising a lot of fish or do not have the money to throw into 72 gal fish tanks, you should definitely opt for a smaller tank.