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Read About 75 Gallon Aquarium Filter

Aquarium and fish tank owners will agree that a proper filtration system is key to keeping aquarium and tank fish happy so if you have a 75 gallon fish tank, you’re going to need a 75 gallon aquarium filter.

Why do I need a 75 gallon aquarium filter?

Well, if you don’t have a 75 gallon fish tank, you’re not going to need a 75 gallon aquarium filter. You should always get a filter that suits the size of your tank so if you have something smaller or larger than a 75 gallon fish tank, you should look for something other than a 75 gallon aquarium filter to clean your tank.

Assuming that you have a 75 gallon aquarium, a 75 gallon aquarium filter will keep the tank clean and your fish out of harm’s way. Filtration systems as well as natural filters, such as algae eating fish, help to rid a tank of harmful bacteria that can cause diseases among your aquarium fish.

Biological filters

A 75 gallon aquarium filter will complement a biological filtration system quite nicely. Biological filters are bacterium that can break down harmful bacteria that collects in an aquarium. These natural filters are found on live rock and sand and will break down nitrite and ammonia, which are two harmful bacteria that can infect fish.

Chemical filtration

Chemical filtration is another filtration system that will help the 75 gallon aquarium filter keep the tank clean. This filtration system picks up material in the water that has already dissolved.

Artificial filters

Though biological filters are great, large aquariums, such as the 75 gallon aquarium, need a better more complex filtration system. An artificial or manmade 75 gallon aquarium filter will reduce all of the other bacterium and debris that the natural filters can’t quite grasp.

The 75 gallon aquarium filter is considered a mechanical filter. It picks up large chunks of waste and debris that the two other filtration systems simply cannot grasp. These artificial filtration systems are also called mechanical systems. They clean the aquarium by pumping water through a filtration system and then spitting out clean water.

In nature fish can survive without a 72 gallon aquarium filter because other animals and insects pick up the debris that is floating in the water. The debris is also spread over a much larger area. Because captive fish do not have access to these resources, it’s critical to put a 75 gallon aquarium filter in a 75 gallon fish tank.