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Best Fish For Large Tanks

The best fish for tanks may come as a surprise to you. This is because we are so used to seeing this fish in little fish bowls. What is it? It is the Goldfish. Thats right, the best fish for large tanks is the goldfish!

Surprised that it is the goldfish that is the best fish for large tanks? Well, you should not be. Even though we think of goldfish as winning them at fairs in little bowls this is in fact not a good habitat for them. Goldfish can grow to be very large depending on the species that you happen to get. Some goldfish can grow to be twenty three inches long and up to ten pounds. Imagine having the potential to grow that big but being kept in a fish bowl. That does not sound fair at all and that is why the Goldfish is the best fish for large tanks. Goldfish are very easy to raise. In fact they are probably the easiest fish to raise. They can live in just about in water temperature, they are a considered a coldwater fish, and will eat dried food and pellots. As a treat you can give your pet fish brine shrimp. They will enjoy this just as other pets enjoy their treats. See fish can be pets too! They also have a very good temperament. This is great for the best fish for large tanks because chances are you are going to want more than one fish in a big fish tank. There are also different species of goldfish that you can have in this large tank. The one thing about Goldfish is that you will need to keep the tank clean. This is because they tend to produce a lot of waste. Other than that they are fairly easy fish to raise. These are the things that make the goldfish the best fish for large tanks.