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Horse Training Containment

Horse containment needs to be not only functional, but safe. The main containment area for training would be the round pen. This is the area that you will use when you first initiate training with your horse. You will use this area for lungeing, restraint, ground driving, saddling, first rides, etc. This is also a good place to turn your horse out for exercise and come back to for refreshers. Round pen sizes vary, but they are generally around 66 feet in diameter. The walls need to be at least 6 feet high.

Another area needed for training containment would be a tie area. This is generally an outside area where you can tie your horse for grooming. This is a good place to teach a horse patience and restraint. The wall should be strong and sturdy. It should start 2 feet off the ground and goes up 6 feet. A board fence may allow the horse to get his legs caught and injured. It is imperative that the wall is sturdy with an area to tie the lead rope at his withers or higher. This will allow him to remain balanced if he pulls back.