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Three Most Popular Pony Breeds

There are many different types of pony breeds that have been developed throughout the centuries. Among the many, three most popular breeds are the Welsh Pony, the Shetland pony and the Gotland Pony.

Welsh ponies originated in the hills and valleys of Whales, in Western Great Britain. These ponies height ranges between 12.2 hands high and 14.2 hands high. Chestnut, bay, brown and black are the most common colors found for Welsh ponies. Although they are not limited to those colors, gray and palomino are other possible colors found for this pony. Welsh ponies are very gentle, which makes them ideal for children and the disabled. They have natural athletic ability and are often used as hunters. Being shown in saddle seat, western classes and most popularly for driving are all common uses of the Welsh pony. Centuries ago, the ponies were used for pulling chariots in sport arenas. They also worked in coalmines and on farms.