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Read About Choosing A Horse Breed

When choosing a horse breed you need to consider the typed of horse that will be all the horse you are looking for. Whether choosing the one for show, riding or racing; also whether you have children and the breed is appropriate or gentle enough for your child.

You need to decide if you are looking for a miniature horse breed, a light breed or a heavy breed. The type of breed you choose needs to fit in what you are trying to accomplish with your horse.

The miniature horse breed is great with your children, young adults and first time horse owners. They are gentle and love attention. They are low maintenance and need an acre or less for their care. The miniature horse breed is one people make the mistake thinking they are a pony. These horses are often used with children or work with disabled people. Most of these horses grow no more than thirty-eight inches in tall.

The Arabian and Thoroughbred are considered to be light horse breeds. They are quick and make great racehorses. The Quarter horse and the American horse are harder workers and great for leisure rides. The Morgan horse is family friendly and a vigorous worker. Other popular breeds in this category are the Standard bred, the Appaloosa, the Saddle bred, the Paint horse, the Paso Fino and the Tennessee walking horse.

The heavy breed has two classifications: the draft horse and the war or battle horse. The draft horse is a horse that has the ability and strength to pull carts or wagons and pull the equipment on the farm. A small heavy horse is the Percheron. It is a very smart, strong and gentle nature horse. It is a preferred family and farm horse. This horse is normally black or gray in color. The Clydesdale is the most infamous draft horse. These horses are bred to do vigorous hard labor and are very friendly in nature. The Belgian, Suffolk and Shire are also draft horses. The battle or warhorses are trained rigorously to prepare for war or battle. The Lipizzaner is used in Austrian events displaying their strength and stature.

Whether it would be a hard working horse on the farm, like a draft horse or possibly a light horse breed for show, racing or riding the horses are built for different areas in our lives. Always remember to watch your children around any horse to ensure your child's safety.