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Building the Perfect Stall

Building the perfect stall involves starting with the right size space and the proper materials. Good ventilation and lighting, and appropriate flooring are all components to building the perfect stall. It need not be complicated or confusing, as long as you know where to start.

You need to be sure you have the right sized space when building the perfect stall. At a minimum, the stall should be 12’ x 12’ in size. Larger horses will require more space, but most experts do not recommend much less than this even for smaller horses. The ceiling should be at least 10 feet high; higher than this is better, allowing more room and better ventilation. Since we’re building the perfect stall, it will have an adjacent paddock, allowing the horse to move in and out freely. The best type of door between the stall and paddock is a Dutch-style door, which has top and bottom portions that can be opened and closed separately. This style of door allows you to keep the horse in the stall when desired, while still giving him the freedom to look around.