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Introducing Your Horse to His New Home

Introducing your horse to his new home requires time and patience as well as some basic knowledge about horses in general and yours in particular. It is helpful to know as much as you can about the background of the horse, including things like what types of bedding and feed he is accustomed to, to make the transition as easy as possible. Plan to keep your horse separated from any other animals to allow him time to adjust slowly to both his new surroundings and to the others in the herd.

Before introducing your horse to his new home, be sure that home is completely safe and secure. Even a horse that has not demonstrated skittish behaviors in the past could become spooked and try to bolt. Plan to keep your new horse in his own small paddock for the first few days or even weeks, until he is ready to meet the other horses. Be sure that the fence line of the paddock is completely secure, with no loose or broken boards. Likewise, check his stall for any protruding nails, extraneous hardware, and the like.