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Setting up a New Stable

Setting up a new stable includes making sure you are housing your horse in a clean environment and meeting all of his shelter, food and water needs. The space and actual accommodations will vary depending on factors like the size of the horse and weather conditions, but many elements of stable care are consistent for all horses. Thorough research and careful planning when setting up a new stable will ensure your horse has a good home that will shelter him well.

When setting up a new stable, your horse will require a stall. Most horse stalls are usually around 12’ x 12’ in size. Larger horses will require more space, but most experts do not recommend much less than this even for smaller horses. In ideal arrangements, the stall will have an adjacent paddock, which will allow the horse to move in and out at will. The best type of door between the stall and paddock is a Dutch-style door, which has top and bottom portions that can be opened and closed separately. This style of door allows you to keep the horse in the stall while still giving him the freedom to look beyond the immediate environment of the stall. The walls of the stall should be smooth and safe for the horse, with no nails popping through or hooks on which the horse could injure himself.