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Read About Cavalia Horse Show

Cavalia Horse Show is a spectacular horse show and circus show from the French group Cavalia that travels and performs at many major cities world over. Here's everything you need to know about this competition.

Cavalia Horse Show - Facts

  1. Type of Competition:

    Cavalia Horse Show is not a competition. It is a spectacular show that is a strange mix of both a horse show and a circus. Here are some of the unique features of the show:
    1. The show emphasizes the horse-human bonding rather than handler-show animal dominance.
    2. The whole show lasts more than two hours with the performances from about 36 horses and of course humans -- both women and men.
    3. All the horses are unbridled and yet perform to perfect sync with humans to give the most awe-inspiring spectacle ever.
    4. The star horses of the show are mostly Lusitanos and the other performers include Quarter Horses, Belgians, Canadian Horses, Paint Horses, and Percherons.
    5. And what with dreamy backgrounds, lighting and prop special effects like rain and leaf fall, excellent synchronization orchestra the show is one great presentation to behold
    6. Extra performers are aerialists, acrobats and all other regular circus performers.
    7. The show tours around the world performing in major cities of all developed countries.
    8. The demand is such that all the tickets are sold out a week before the shows.
  2. Location:

    There is no permanent location for this show. The Cavalia Group tours around the world performing in all major cities. Even the stage and house are grand in their appeal. Here are a few unique features:
    1. The stage is 150ft wide and takes more than 1000 tons of sand to fill.
    2. The tent is the largest in North America with about 26,300 square feet top
    3. The stable is more than 12,000 square feet.
  3. History:

    1. Cavalia first began in a town in Quebec Province called Shawinigan.
    2. The tour has been to Quebec, Montreal, Ontario, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dan Diego, Seattle, Dallas and many other cities.
    3. The word Cavalia is from the word 'caval' meaning horse.
    4. It was started by Norman Latourelle, the former founder member of Cirque de Soleil.
  4. Sanctioned:

    This show has no official equine association sanctions since it is not an official competition or horse show.
  5. Entrance Procedure:

    There is no participation invitation or entrance procedure for the horses. All-star horses are owned by the Cavalia group and any new ones are chosen by Frederic Pignon and his wife Magali Delgado, the duo who conduct all the affairs of the show.
  6. Classes:

    There are no competing classes. The show items involving horse include trick riding, dressage, vaulting, playing and free run and classical dressage. The horses are given only an hour's practice per day and the emphasis is more on the well being and happiness of the horses.
  7. Judging:

    No judges are involved.
  8. Awards:

    There are no awards since this is not a competition show.