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Choosing Horse Blankets And Wraps

Horses get chilly just like humans so you should have a blanket or wrap on hand at all times. Choosing horse blankets and wraps will give you some leverage to help a chilly horse.

When should I put a blanket on my horse?

When choosing horse blankets and wraps, keep in mind that your horse won't need the blanket or wrap at all times. It might not even need it in chilly months. The frequency with which you use a horse blanket really depends on the type of horse you have and the climate you live in.

Show horses will need a blanket when it's chilly out because their hair is kept shorter than ranch or working horses. Also, show horses are judged, in part, on the condition of their coat. Choosing horse blankets and wraps will protect your horse's coat and keep it shiny enough for show standards.