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Sheep Breeders

Sheep Breeders is a shepherd who mixes suitable ewes and rams to produce healthy sheep. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

Sheep Breeders - Breeder Facts Professional Affiliations: There are various local Sheep Breeders' Associations with which sheep breeders can find affiliations. However, many breeders breed sheep privately. Why Use a Breeder: Sheep are reared for three main things -- meat, milk and wool. Breeders can bring about hereditary variations that can make sheep excel at the required features. How to Find: Sheep breeders are listed in various websites over the internet. There are not many sheep breeders; most shepherds do the breeding in their farms themselves. You can ask some farmers to know about local breeders. What to Expect: Bred sheep are healthy and may show specialty of fur or milk production. You will have to fill a form asking a few details about your farm or ranch. Breeder's Surroundings: Sheep can grow in any kinds of natural surroundings; they do not require an extremely clean environment. However, hygiene is expected of the place where they feed. Sheep Breeders - Newborn Facts Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth: Some breeds of sheep can even give birth to nine newborns in a litter. Age To Be Sold: Sheep can be sold when they become about one month old and begin showing some wool. What to Look For in a Newborn: Baby sheep will have a long tail. This may drag into manure and other refuse. Hence, these tails are docked or cut off painlessly by electric scissors. Registry: Sheep do not need to be registered as they are not show animals. AKC Recognized Characteristics: AKC does not recognize sheep breeds. Expense to Purchase Newborn: A sheep newborn may be available of more than $400, depending on its pedigree. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn: Pedigree information is necessary for various things. It can tell about the diseases that may afflict the newborn and also what its potential would be when it grows up. Sheep Breeders - Breeder Concerns Breeder Reputation: You can learn about a breeder's reputation by conversing with locals who have taken their services. Vets can provide some tips on locating reputed breeders. Pet Health: Sheep can suffer from various microbial, organic and metabolic diseases such as entropion, urinary calculi, mastitis, polyarthritis and ovine progressive pneumonia, among others. Most of these diseases can be treated by antibiotics. Assurances: Breeders must be able to provide after sale support on the sheep they sell. They must give health guarantees for a particular time after the purchase.