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Texas Whitetail Breeding

Texas Whitetail Breeding Stock is an extravenous method of producing the graceful whitetail deer. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

Texas Whitetail Breeding Stock - Breeder Facts Professional Affiliations: Breeders of Texas whitetail deer must be affiliated with the National Whitetail Association, which is the organization responsible for the protection and propagation of this breed. Why Use a Breeder: Breeders who sell breeding stock for whitetail deer will be able to guarantee a very potent quality of male sperm that would definitely impregnate the doe. With a breeding stock, the success of a fertilization is assured. How to Find: Whitetail breeders are listed online. There are several websites dedicated entirely to whitetails and their breeding. These breeders will not be found very often in magazines and papers, since there are not many of them. But the vet and deer clubs will be able to guide you to some good breeders. What to Expect: Owning a whitetail deer is not easy. You will need to provide explicit proof that you are a serious buyer. The breeder may even visit your place and the premises where you intend to keep the whitetail. Breeder's Surroundings: Whitetails are temperate and tropical animals that can exist even in desert extremes. But you must make sure that the breeder keeps the stock in clean conditions so that it does not lose its potency. Texas Whitetail Breeding Stock - Newborn Facts Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth: Texas whitetail dams produce only one fawn in the first litter, then in the successive years she may produce two fawns. The number may go up to three or four, but not more than that. Age To Be Sold: Texan whitetails are mammals that need to be breastfed by their mother for at least 8 to 10 weeks, after which they can be weaned. Hence, they should be sold only after this age. What to Look For in a Newborn: Male fawns must be 4 to 14 pounds, while females should be 3 to 8 pounds. Whitetails are born with their eyes open and they must be able to stand in about an hour. Registry: Texas whitetails must be registered with the National Whitetail Association. AKC Recognized Characteristics: The AKC does not register whitetail deer as it is only a dog breed registering body. Expense to Purchase Newborn: Prices of whitetail deer depend on the stock it has been bred from. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn: Dam and sire information is very important for a whitetail fawn. This gives a clear picture of the general disposition and physical health of the fawn, and also reveals medical genetic history. Texas Whitetail Breeding Stock - Breeder Concerns Breeder Reputation: Reputed breeders can be found by visited the associated deer sites. Even the National Whitetail Association has several links of whitetail deer breeders. Pet Health: These overall sturdy animals can suffer from several digestive ailments. Their bodies, if not cleaned thoroughly, will harbor parasites which may lead to eczemas. Assurances: The breeder must give a guarantee of the breeding stock being able to produce an effective young one. It would be better if the breeder could supervise the working of the stock.