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Poultry Care

Poultry care can be an interesting hobby. Chickens and roosters can be raised for egg production, for sale, or simply as pets. Poultry care includes providing sufficient food and water, as well as the appropriate housing for your animals.

In terms of nutrition, poultry care is fairly easy. Most chickens and roosters will eat commercial chicken feed as the main staple of their diet. If you are raising chickens for their eggs, you may choose to use only organic feed products. In addition to the commercial feed, cracked corn and oatmeal or all-natural grain cereals are great for your feathered friends. Most chickens and roosters also enjoy snacks like green leafy vegetables, such as spinach or kale. Most birds will also forage for common pests they can find in the ground, such as spiders, insects, and worms. Always be sure your birds have plenty of fresh clean water to drink. Chickens and roosters need to eat small rocks or grit, which their gullets use to grind up food for digestion.