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Read About A Bored Dog

A bored dog will often exhibit undesirable behavior, such as digging, chewing, and barking. Here are some ideas to keep your pup lively and engaged, instead of bored and miserable:

  1. Most sources recommend food toys to keep up your dog´s interest. Most dogs are mostly mouthy. If you have a mouthy dog who likes to play with toys with his mouth, gums things in his mouth, and is all about the chewing, you would be best to select a toy like a Kong or a chewy that can have food added to it while your dog chewing/mouthing/playing with the toy. Not-mouthy dogs play with toys with their paws more than their mouth. These dogs will do better with puzzle-type toys. Puzzle toys need the dog to bat the toy around, drop it, or push it with their nose or paw to release the goodies.

  2. For dogs that aren"t motivated by food, you can try playing prey games with them. One way to do this is to play with two balls or toys that your dog is interested in. Take one and "zip" it around your dog, bobbing it around your dog until he´s really intrigued with it. Then, throw this one so your dog "hunts it down" and retrieves it back to you. To avoid having to fight your dog for his "prey," do the same prey-like movements with the second toy. Your dog will often forget and drop the first toy to pay attention to the second. Repeat this process until you´re very bored. People can get bored of chase games well before their dogs do.

  3. Some dogs were never socialized to play, so bore easily. A dog that was isolated, didn´t get to stay long enough with his litter, or was abused, may need to learn to play. You´re now this dog´s pack leader, so you can teach her to play. Puppies initiate play by going down on their front legs and barking. Get down on all fours and lean on your forearms or elbows. Bob up and down and bark a few times. Your non-socialized dog will give you the what-the-heck-are-you-doing look. Bob and bark a little more. When your dog gets it, and barks back, scoot away and "invite play" some more. Soon, you and your dog will be playing, and all those dog toys will finally come in handy!