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Read About Advanced Tricks

Just because Rover has mastered the art of sitting and shaking doesn't mean his trick learning days are over. There are many other fun tricks that your dog can use to wow your friends.

You know the basics already. You understand the importance of positive reinforcement and have already helped Rover master the basics. He sits stays and shakes on command. Now what? The following tips will help you teach Rover a few new tricks that are as fun as they are entertaining.

  1. If your dog already knows how to shake hands, kick it up a notch and teach him how to wave. Wave at your dog and reward him when he waves back. You can encourage this by waving with one hand and touching his paw with another. As always, reward and repeat!
  2. You sports lovers out there may be interested in teaching your dog how to catch. Try this when dog is hungry. Stand close and toss a treat close to his mouth. If he catches it, he is immediately rewarded. Be swift to pick up any missed treats lest you reward the wrong behavior.
  3. Roll over, Rover! When you see your dog lying on his side, get down there with him. Using your hand on his back, gently roll him over while saying the words "roll over". Reward his behavior and repeat in short training sessions until he gets the hang of it.

Once you have mastered the above tricks, it should be easy for you to teach your dog just about anything. Catch him in the desired behavior, reward and repeat.

Stock up on a variety of treats and a few new toys before your start trick training. You will want to always have fun new rewards for your entertaining pooch.