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Read About Aquarius Pet Horoscopes

Aquarius Pet Horoscopes

(Jan 20 -- Feb 18)

Aquarius pets are just a little left of center. They're different than most pets, and we wouldn't have them any other way. Wondering what's in store for your precious pet this month? Here's everything you need to know about your pet's horoscope.

All Pets - Horoscope

In a season of parties, your furry friend may be feeling neglected. Lonely Pluto moves into the 8th house and can cause all creatures great and small to feel that their pet parent doesn't have enough time to spend with them. Older pets will want new beds, nests or scratching posts by the end of the month. This will make them feel young again and ease some uncomfortable arthritis. Perhaps a trip to the pet store will inspire you for a holiday present!

Dog & Puppy - Horoscope

Be a communicative canine today! Perk your ears and wag your tail. Your master will approve. Be careful not to bark up the wrong tree with the less-friendly feline in your life. A persistent pooch such as yourself doesn't always know when to quit.

Cat - Horoscope

Figuring out how to open the screen door was pure genius! Now what to do to beat that? Your curious mind is always on the prowl, looking for a mystery to hatch or puzzle to solve. Your curiosity may get the better of you this month. Be careful on the stairs as something may frighten you easily, and lead to an injury to you or your parent. Use caution when satisfying that curious streak of yours this month or it may get you in trouble. Genius Days: 4, 18, 27

Kitten - Horoscope

It might be wise to just stay under the bed today. The planetary alignment is not favorable for social situations of any kind. Avoid cat-aclysmic consequences and just curl up and kick dust bunnies instead.

Show Dog - Horoscope

Staying indoors may be best for you. Gemini seems to have everything you've ever wanted, but you know that's not true. Your bad mojo may lead you to meet new dogs at the park who don't want to be your friends, especially grumpy Cancers. You will be tempted by treats that aren't yours, and while chocolate may taste good, it's really bad for you. Make sure what you're eating is given to you by your master. Stay by your family's heels, be good and affectionate and their good vibes will help your bad luck turn good quicker in the next show. Good Face Licking Days: 9, 25

Bird - Horoscope

The song you pick up from the radio this month will be pure genius. Your parent may even try to get you to sing it into a funny looking device so she can play it over again to her friends. They just can't believe you sing like that girl Faith Hill so clearly. She'll have to keep trying -- you might cooperate next month though, not this one. Best Aloof Days: 3, 21

Horse - Horoscope

Make sure your rider is getting rid of your poop properly, and if he/she isn't, let them know about it. If you feel you've been working too much, take a stand, stomp your hoof and show that you won't be quiet about it any longer. You are your own horse, and sometimes your rider needs to remember this. You aren't a tractor, you're a horse. You deserve some time to run about and be free. However, remember this is winter and times can be hard, if they need you for one big job don't be a total wall. Remember, if they say they need you it's because they love you. If you help out when you're really needed, you'll be amply rewarded so long as you don't allow your kindness to be abused. Good Volunteer Days: 12, 16

Reptile - Horoscope

Your shell may look cool and be the envy of everyone, but your boasting about how you're constantly a 21st century turtle could get you in trouble. Nobody likes a show-off, and it could drive away those who you once called friend. Show them by giving them a try, rather than talking about it. Sharing always beats a braggart and gets better results. Watch out for Leo, his sharp tongue could start something that neither of you would want to get into.