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Pet Car Restraints

Pet car restraints keep your pet safe while traveling in the car. A pet car restraint is a specially-designed safety seat to use while your pet, usually a dog or cat, is in the car. Every pet owner should consider pet car restraints. Nearly every pet rides in the car at some time, whether on an extended vacation trip or just a visit to the vet. Both you, as the driver, and your pet are safer if he is in a pet car restraint rather than unrestrained in the vehicle.

Pet car restraints include models that boost a pet up to enable her to see out the window, folding restraints that can be kept in the car, and hammock-style restraint covers with safety harness attachments. Pet car restraints, as their name implies, keep your pet safely restrained. In the event of an accident, your pet will usually fare far better if restrained. Pet car restraints also keep your pet from distracting you while you are driving, keeping everyone safer.