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Reptile Microchipping

Reptile microchipping is one of the best things you can do to your pet. In times when your pet becomes an escape artist, reptile microchipping can help you locate him faster.

Reptile microchipping is one of the safest, permanent, and successful ways to provide a permanent identification tag to your pet. In this method, a microchip with a unique ID number is injected under the skin. The chip is wrapped in a sturdy biocompatible glass and can easily fit into a hypodermic needle. Chips can last up to 25 years, therefore is ensured to last throughout your pet's lifetime. There is no maintenance task whatsoever involved in reptile microchipping. A thin tissue layer surrounds a microchip and keeps it in place once injected, thus it will remain steady and cannot be passed through or out of the body. Once pets are microchipped, they will have permanent ID tags that cannot be lost, altered or removed intentionally. However, reptile microchipping is only half of the story. Owners would need to register their pets' chips in a 24-hour disaster and recovery network for chips to become officially traceable.