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Amphibian Parasites

Amphibians usually carry an array, of parasites. The amphibians do not usually have problems with parasites until they are stressed or wounded.

A parasite called nematodes is known for its strong hold lungworms. This parasite causes pneumonia and the loss of the will to live or survive. The large adult worms are found in the lungs. The eggs and larvae of the nematodes are found in large amounts in the abdomen and lymph spaces, when the infestation is to the extreme.

Ecto-parasites are the species of ticks, mites, leeches and helminthes. The mite burrows into the skin and in time are recovered by new dermal tissue. Endo-parasites are otherwise known as malaria. Male amphibians are the majority affected by this parasite. The main endo-parasite is the plathyhelminths nematode, acanthocephalan and dipterans.