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Choosing Pet Rats

When choosing pet rats, you need to make sure you are getting not only a healthy animal, but the right pet for your situation. Consider carefully the gender of the animal, the appearance, the temperament, and most important, whether or not a rat is the right pet for you. Once you have decided on these factors, choosing pet rats that are healthy is the last important step.

Choosing pet rats should never be done impulsively. Be sure to research the amount of care and size of habitat they require, as well as feeding and grooming needs, before choosing pet rats. Rats like to climb and generally enjoy cages more than tanks as habitats. Make sure the bars of the cage are close together enough to prevent the animals from escaping or from getting stuck trying to escape. Cages with solid floors are preferable to those with wire floors, since they are easier on the rats’ feet. Consider the time commitment needed when choosing pet rats; rats should be allowed at least an hour a day of exercise outside their cages.