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Best Small Pet Breeds for Children

Some of the best small pet breeds for children include guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters. It is important to note that all of these animals are nocturnal in nature, and will likely be most active late in the day and at night. They are, however, sociable and easy to care for, and definitely fun for kids to have around. It is important to remember that, for the safety of both the children and the pets, children should always be supervised around animals.

Guinea pigs, with their docile personalities, are among the best small pet breeds for children. Guinea pigs usually have mild temperaments, which is why they are a popular choice for family pets. Guinea pigs are active, smart animals that can often be taught simple tricks. Guinea pigs like to run around and explore, so taking them out daily to allow them some exercise is ideal. This also provides a great opportunity for children to bond with their pets. Care should be used when picking up guinea pigs; it is important to use two hands and support the animal's hindquarters while holding the shoulders. Guinea pigs generally do not require much grooming, which helps make it easier for children to care for them.