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Best Small Pet Breeds for Apartments

Some of the best small pet breeds for apartments are rats, gerbils, and hedgehogs. Apartment living usually requires animals that do not require too much space and do not generate too much odor. Animals that are sociable or at least fun to watch are often among the best small pet breeds for apartments; an added bonus is if they can be litter trained.

Rats are affectionate and intelligent animals. They are among the best small pet breeds for apartments because they do not require extensive setups. Pet rats do well in wire cages with solid bottoms. Since they are social animals that get along well and live most happily in same-sex pairs, make sure there is sufficient room in the cage for the rats to move about and play. Rats like to climb, so tall enclosures are best. This is another reason they are one of the best small pet breeds for apartments: their cage need not take up a large amount of horizontal space, since they enjoy some vertical room as well. Cages with horizontal bars help them make the most of their tall space. Rats also enjoy toys like ladders, tubes or tunnels, and a wheel.