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Read About Chinchilla Breeding

Chinchilla Breeding raises these extremely lovely small pets. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

Chinchilla Breeding -- Breeder Facts

  1. Professional Affiliations:

    All the chinchillas must be affiliated to one of the associations, by their breeders. Chinchilla Breeders Association, Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative and chinchilla club are some of the associations where chinchillas can be registered. There are also many other local chinchilla clubs with which affiliations can be sought.
  2. Why Use a Breeder:

    Breeders are the well known persons in breeding the quality breed. Hence if you want purebred and quality, healthy pets then you must buy chinchillas from chinchilla breeders only.
  3. How to Find:

    Chinchilla breeders can be searched by taking the help of internet. One can even find advertisements regarding the sale of chinchilla, in local newspapers and pet magazines. Your local vet will guide you, if they know somebody interested in selling chinchillas.
  4. What to Expect:

    The breeders will want to know more information about you, your family members, your financial condition, about other pets in your house. For this they will tell you to fill one form, for their records.
  5. Breeder's Surroundings:

    The breeder should have kept the newborns in clean and hygienic surrounding. You must not purchase chinchillas from the breeders who have kept their pets in bad environmental surroundings.

Chinchilla Breeding - Newborn Facts

  1. Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth:

    Chinchillas can give one to seven babies in a single birth; the average litter size of chinchillas is two babies.
  2. Age To Be Sold:

    Chinchillas are mammals, so they need to be weaned properly before they are sold. This could take up to four weeks.
  3. What to Look For in a Newborn:

    You must see that the chinchilla is free of all visible symptoms. You can even show the chinchilla to a vet before purchasing.
  4. Registry:

    Chinchilla breeders must register chinchillas, in any one of the above mentioned association.
  5. AKC Recognized Characteristics:

    Chinchillas are not recognized by AKC.
  6. Expense to Purchase Newborn:

    The chinchillas are quite expensive. The newborn will cost you above $50.
  7. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn:

    Chinchilla breeders should give you all the information about the dam and sire of the chinchillas, bred by them.

Chinchilla Breeding - Breeder Concerns

  1. Breeder Reputation:

    Chinchilla breeder must be registered with any of the affiliations mentioned above. The breeder reputation can also be checked by meeting their earlier clients.
  2. Pet Health:

    Chinchillas must be healthy and active. The breeder must give you all the medical report of the chinchilla selected by you. You can also check their health by your vet, with due permission of the breeders.
  3. Assurances:

    Chinchilla breeders must give guarantee for some time after the purchase of the chinchilla. They must take the responsibility in case any problem arises.