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  1. Bird Wing Clipping Scissors Scissors

    Bird Wing Clipping Scissors Scissors

    Wing clipping scissors keep your bird grounded and safe Comfort grip handles give you better control while trimming Rounded tips increase safety while trimming Specially designed wing clipping scissors allow you to safely and effectively clip your bird's wings. When you properly trim your bird's wings, you prevent your bird from flying, but still give him enough lift to glide downward. Scissors feature adjustable stainless steel blades, comfort grip handle, and rounded tips to increase safety while trimming feathers. For all birds. 5-1/2" scissors.Please click on "More Information" for instructions.


    Beak Conditioning Cuttlebones

  3. Bitter apple for birds, 4 oz

    Bitter apple for birds, 4 oz

    Prevents feather plucking. it contains moisturizers and a surfactant which retrieve moisture from the atmosphere giving lustre and freshness to feathers.

    Product Details
    For topical use only. may stain surfaces.keep out of reach of children.available in plastic bottles with atomizer top. shake well before using. apply to feathers and affected areas as needed. avoid spraying in and environment safe
    4 ounces
    Water isopropanol 5% bitter principles and extractives taste detterent for birds.
  4. Canary & finch molting / conditioning supplement

    Canary & finch molting / conditioning supplement

    Provides additional nutrition during periods of stress and to enhance your bird's normal color.

    Product Details
    Canary & finch molting conditioning and color is specially designed to provide additional nutritionduring periods of stress and to enhance your bird's normal color. 10.5 oz. jar
    10.5 ounces
    Dehulled soybean meal ground corn oat groats canary grass seed corn gluten meal nyjer seed flax seed rape seed red millet white millet ground kibbledcorn dried whey wheat middlings calcium carbonate dried whole egg ground wheat corn oil salt etc.
  5. Cease for Birds 8 oz

    Cease for Birds 8 oz

    Deters feather plucking Helps prevent territorial fighting Cease for birds deters feather picking, over-preening ,and helps soothe and moisturize affected areas. Completely nontoxic. Contains aloe vera to aid in healing. New birds should be sprayed lightly to prevent territorial fighting.Please click on "More Information" for directions for use and ingredients.


    Beak Conditioner

  7. Cuttlebone Holder
  8. Cuttlebone Holder - Large

    Cuttlebone Holder - Large

    Holds cuddle bone or millet spray securely.
  9. Cuttlebone Holder - Small

    Cuttlebone Holder - Small

    Holds cuddle bone or millet spray securely

    Product Details
    Bend wire bars down. pull up hook with thumb and place cuttle bone inside. place perch into circular insert. hang holder on cage
    Plastic wire
  10. Cuttlebone Holder 7-1/2" x 3-1/4"

    Cuttlebone Holder 7-1/2" x 3-1/4"

    Plastic holder keeps cuttlebone debris inside the cage Support bar keeps cuttlebone secure Rounded bottom catches broken bits of cuttlebone Helps keep cuttlebone off bottom of cage and debris and fragments inside cage. Features full plastic casing, a plastic support bar to hold cuttlebone secure, and a perch, so your bird can comfortably munch. Catcher at bottom collects excess cuttlebone as it breaks off. Adjustable to hold virtually any size cuttlebone. Firmly screws onto vertical and horizontal barred cages. Nut and bolt attachment included. Cuttlebone sold separately. Directions:Screw Cuttlebone Holder onto cage wall.Unlatch and swing open support bar.Place any cuttlebone into the holder and close the support.

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