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  1. Ornalyte Electrolyte Replacement
  2. Oyster Shells 10 oz

    Oyster Shells 10 oz

    A natural source of calcium and other necessary minerals required by all caged birds Recommended for dietary addition during mating season to obtain strong, hard eggshells Specially ground to be suitable for pet birds All-natural crushed oyster shells are an excellent source of calcium, necessary for all caged birds to build and maintain sturdy bones. This natural dietary supplement strengthens your pet bird's bones and produces strong, hard-shelled eggs during mating season. It's also a great alternative to gravel. Freshness guaranteed. 10 oz (283 grams). Resealable pouch. Please click on "More Information" for feeding directions and guaranteed analysis.
  3. PetAg Bene-Bac for Birds

    PetAg Bene-Bac for Birds

    This is a concentrated live culture of five common bacteria found in the intestinal tract of birds.
  4. Prime Total Health Bird Supplement

    Prime Total Health Bird Supplement

    Vitamins, digestive enzymes, micro-beneficial bacteria and electrolytes.
  5. Pro Feda 100 ml

    Pro Feda 100 ml

    Vitamin and mineral supplement for pet birds Easy to give with included dosing vial Helps promote healthy skin and plumage Specifically formulated vitamin and mineral supplement supports healthy skin and plumage in molting birds. Helps combat excessive feather plucking and heals bald spots. Easy-to-use dosing vial included.Suggested use: Add to 50 ml of water; 1-2 ml for small birds, 3 ml for medium birds, 4 ml for large birds.
  6. Quiko Calcium Concentrate 250 ml

    Quiko Calcium Concentrate 250 ml

    Supplements calcium deficiency Helps with bone and feather development May aid in reducing feather plucking Improve your bird's bone and feather development while providing him with essential calcium that may be lacking in his diet. A calcium deficiency may be a cause of certain beak problems such as a soft beak or scissors beak. Calcium helps build strong bones and feathers and can also build strong egg shells for breeding birds. May also help with egg binding and aid in the reduction of feather plucking. Simply add to food or drinking water. Be sure to add Quiko Calcium Concentrate into an equivalent amount of water before adding to food. Can be used on all birds. 1 tsp = 5 ml.Suggested use: Shake well before using. In water: 1/2 tsp per 8 oz drinking water. In food: 1/4 tsp per 8 oz food. Please click on "More Information" for ingredients and guaranteed analysis.


    Egg-based bird food

  8. Quiko Daily Sun Drops Liquid Multivitamin

    Quiko Daily Sun Drops Liquid Multivitamin

    A liquid, orange-flavored multivitamin for all birds.
  9. Quiko Immune Support Bird Vitamin

    Quiko Immune Support Bird Vitamin

    Quiko MED Immune Support Food Supplement for All Birds Quiko MED Support is a nutritional supplement used to strengthen a bird's natural immune. Med aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and increases resistance to disease. Quiko Med support is administrable to all bird species. Features: Great for all pet birds Water soluble powder, and stay-in solution stabilizes nutrient intake No need to re-mix or guess on actual consumption Item Specifications: Size: 1 oz
  10. Quiko Intensive Red 35 grams (1.23 oz)

    Quiko Intensive Red 35 grams (1.23 oz)

    Intensify red coloring Helps maintain brilliant plumage Canthaxanthin to preserve vibrant red color. Used to intensify red color or preserve the red of all birds with the red factor. Also contains Quiko's balance of vitamins and minerals, to make a good all-around health supplement. Ideal for breeding and for all birds with Red Factor.Suggested Use: Add 1 Tbsp to a pint of water or 8 oz food. Change water daily.Please click on "More Information" for ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and storage instructions.

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