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  1. Ring Toy Leather Large 14" x 2"

    Ring Toy Leather Large 14" x 2"

    Offer your bird a toy made of safe, natural materials Provide opportunities for play and exercise Sturdy metal ring provides hours of satisfying swing time Birds love the smell and texture of real leather Constructed on sturdy metal rings, these durable bird toys withstand the playful antics of curious birds. Feature loads of leather strips to exercise your bird's beak and encourage play. Your pet will swing to his heart's content on the Leather Ring. Colorful sisal strands combine with leather in the Leather and Sisal Ring. Both toys are made of natural and nontoxic materials and are sure to attract and hold your bird's attention. Cage time becomes entertaining and fun-filled for your feathered friend. Leather braid and quick clip attachment ensure easy, secure hanging. Leather Ring Size Measurement Suggested For Large 14" x 2" Conure to Amazon Leather and Sisal Ring Size Measurement Suggested For Small 8" x 5" Parakeet or smaller Medium 12" x 8" Parakeet to Conure Large14" x 2" Conure to Amazon Please click on "More Information" for comments on playtime and cleaning instructions.
  2. Rings Game Large

    Rings Game Large

    Bird toy trains your bird to manipulate objects with colors and numbers Strengthens you and your bird's bond through fun, interactive play Combines with Teach Box and Bank and Colored Cubes to progressively train Teach your bird to manipulate objects based on colors and numbers. Professional bird toy system includes four, vibrantly colored sets of six acrylic discs. Each disc easily slides onto the four pegs of the base unit. Helps train your bird - and strengthen his dexterity and skills - to place the correct color and number of discs onto each peg, based on your commands. Includes detailed training instructions, 24 discs (six of each color), and four-peg base unit. Size Measurement Suggested For Small 5" x 2" x 2" high w/1" dia rings Parakeets to Conures Medium 6" x 3" x 4" high w/1-1/4" dia rings Conures to Amazons Large 8" x 3-1/2" x 6" high w/1-3/8" dia rings Amazons to Macaws Please click on "More Information" for training tips and product specifications.
  3. Screaming Coco Head Bird Toy

    Screaming Coco Head Bird Toy

    Screaming Coco Head Bird Toy
  4. Shred Master Large Toy

    Shred Master Large Toy

    Toy is filled with 100 feet of paper for pet birds to pull and play Durable, bulletproof casing ensures years of enjoyment Easy to refill - simply open and place refill inside 100 feet of pulling, shredding fun at an economical price. Holes on sides make it easy to see when to refill the paper, bulletproof casing makes it super durable. Shred Master is tension controlled, so you bird won't be able to pull out entire roll at once. Recessed hardware allows for owner to take it apart easily, but not your bird. No dyes to stain bird or furniture. Refills are 100 feet long to provide hours and hours of entertainment.--> Chain and quick link included. Size Measurement Color Suggested For Small 3" dia x 2-3/4"PurpleParakeet to Conure ---> Large 3" dia x 4" Pink Conure to Amazon Please click on "More Information" for directions for use, cleaning and refilling.
  5. Silly Billy Mammoth 10" x 25"

    Silly Billy Mammoth 10" x 25"

    Hanging wooden bird toy spins when bird grabs at it Hardwood and sisal rope bird chew toy has lots of wood to chew on Nickel-plated hardware offers ease of attachment Simply wood, rope, and stainless steel - what all great bird chew toys are made of The spinning center section offers a fresh piece of wood ready for your bird to chomp on Made from sisal rope, wood, wooden parts, nickel-plated stainless, and nontoxic dye. Sturdy attachment chain at top allows you to screw-lock the toy at the top of the cage. Suggested for Amazons to Macaws. Please click on"More Information" for tips and cleaning instructions.
  6. Snossy 10" x 24"

    Snossy 10" x 24"

    Hanging bird toy combines wood blocks, rope, and a fun swing Cotton rope is dotted with colorful wood blocks perfect for chewing Helps keep your conure or Amazon active and prevent boredom Versatile hanging bird toy combines chew, climb, and swing fun. Features a variety of chewable wooden blocks tied along sixteen cascades of cotton rope and colorful sisal rope accents. This permits your conure, Amazon, or other medium-sized bird to chew and preen to her heart's content. Best of all, hidden between this toy's rope chew toys is a fun rope-wrapped bird swing that adds even more play possibilities to the mix. Wood pieces are dyed with vegetable-based colors for added safety. Measures 10" wide x 24" long. Includes quick clip for simple hanging in any bird cage. Assorted colors. Please click on "More Information" for hanging instructions and cleaning recommendations.
  7. Snuggle Rings Large 10"

    Snuggle Rings Large 10"

    Great for pulling, pecking and preeningProvides hours of entertainmentLarger birds adore the size and texture of these extra-durable ring toys.Snuggle Rings surround your bird in soft frayed rope ends as he picks,pulls, and preens. Metal attachment hardware included. Mini and --->Small: Parakeets to Conures; Large: Conures to Amazons.
  8. Spiddy Large 9" x 14"

    Spiddy Large 9" x 14"

    Bird toy with aromatic leather strips Colorful beads catch bird's eye and deliver chew fun Nontoxic and ideal for small to medium birds Birds love the smell and texture of Spiddy's natural leather strips. Colorful wooden beads and/or acrylic pieces clink softly as your bird plays. Holds up durably to chewing and pulling. Enjoy watching your bird perch, chew, play, and hide among this quality toy. He'll surely get the exercise he requires. Quick-link attachment hardware included. Assorted colors. Medium suggested for: Conures to Amazons; Large: Amazons to Macaws.Please click on "More Information" for cleaning and care instructions.
  9. Star Bird Toys Large

    Star Bird Toys Large

    Brightly colored bird toys keep beak and mind busy Made from chewy leather and dyed wood Offers the diversion and exercise your bird needs Engage your bird with brightly colored wooden stars and beak-pleasing chewy leather. Helps keep feet and beak active and mind busy. Knotted leather secures nontoxic dyed wooden shapes. Supplies an entertaining diversion to make cage-time more pleasing. Attaches with included quick link.In the wild, birds use all of nature's bounty for play, exercise, and to condition their beaks. These activities both physically and mentally stimulate each bird's inquisitive mind. Your bird also needs a variety of high-quality, safe toys to satisfy her natural instincts to play, chew, and preen. In addition, suitable toys also help prevent boredom and the destructive behavior it often encourages. The best toys mix a combination of components into one activity play center - catching both your bird's eye and intellect to entice her into healthy activities that exercise both her muscles and her mind. Toy Toy Size Suggested For Star Gazer 10"Parakeet or smaller --> Small 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" dia stars; 5-1/2" long w/o hanger Parakeet or smaller Large 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" stars; 8" long w/o hanger Conure to Amazon XLarge 1-7/8" to 2-1/4" dia stars; 9" long w/o hanger Amazon to Macaw Please click on "More Information" for cleaning instructions.
  10. Super Rattle 3 pk, 1-1/4" dia x 6"

    Super Rattle 3 pk, 1-1/4" dia x 6"

    Hand-woven wicker bird toys encourage chewing fun Unique multi-textured spiral rods are easy to grasp String together with pieces of leather or rope to create one-of-a-kind bird toys Hand-woven wicker rattles won't make a soundbut are sure to cause a commotion. All natural toyswoven into unique spirals encourage excitinggrabbing, tossing, and chewing. Create uniqueone-of-a-kind toys. Suggested for Conures to Amazons.Please click on "More Information" for general product details.

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