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  1. 2011 Weekly Calendar - Kittens

    2011 Weekly Calendar - Kittens

    Kittens are just so adorable, playful and sweet, you almost don't mind if they romp recklessly around the house.
  2. Barron's Education Series Persian Cats - A Complete Pet Owner's

    Barron's Education Series Persian Cats - A Complete Pet Owner's

    Brand new to! More details to follow soon. If you already know you want it, you can order it today!
  3. Complete Care Made Easy: Kittens

    Complete Care Made Easy: Kittens

    Filled with fascinating historical facts and up-to-date information on how to care for kittens, Complete Care Made Easy: Kittens addresses all the major concerns about owning a kitten. Kittens offers practical advice, emergency first-aid tips, fun activities, and more!
  4. Getting To Know Kitten

    Getting To Know Kitten

    Getting to know your kitten. Excellent guide to basic kitten and cat care, this book is designed with younger owners in mind, the book has a conversational tone with lots of bright illustrations. For children to learn how to look after their new kitten. Tells the likes and dislikes of kittens. Explains what is best for cats and what is not good for them in clear easy to understand language. 48 pages color photographs.
  5. Hand Raising Kittens

    Hand Raising Kittens

    The guide to hand raising kittens. This book is a useful guide to hand raising newborn kittens that may have been abandoned by their mother. Includes information on hand-feeding weaning health care first aid and more. Expert advice on first aid for newborn kittens finding a suitable feline foster mother hand- feeding weaning socializing and coping with a sick kitten will. Also includes information on how to judge if a kitten was really abandoned. 64 pages soft cover.
  6. Kittens For Dummies

    Kittens For Dummies

    This reference guide contains all the information a novice needs to know about kittens.
  7. The Kitten Pack: Making the Most of Kitty's First Year

    The Kitten Pack: Making the Most of Kitty's First Year

    The Kitten Pack , the second in the Pet Pack series, provides new kitten parents with essential information related to everything that can be expected during the early years of kitten ownership, alleviating all the new kitten parent stress. It is the ideal starter guide for any new kitten parent!
  8. Your First Kitten

    Your First Kitten

    Simple guide to cat ownership. Designed with the new owner in mind, this book explains issues of feeding litter box training grooming and health care. From selecting the right kitten for you and your family to housetraining him, this book covers it all. Your cat owning questions are answered here from what to feed your kitten to what to do if he's sick. 32 pages soft cover.
  9. Your New Kitten: Week-by-Week

    Your New Kitten: Week-by-Week

    Pets need proper care, especially young ones. This innovative guide helps you care for your new kitten. From litter training to nutrition, everything you need to know to get started on the right foot.

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