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  1. Waterless Shampoos Liquid Waterless Shampoo

    Waterless Shampoos Liquid Waterless Shampoo

    Specially formulated waterless shampoo takes the effort out of pet baths and provides relief from the "wet pet" smell Great for spot cleaning your dog or cat Convenient, quick-use shampoo available in liquid form Many pets dislike water, sometimes a full bath is too time-consuming, or maybe your dog or cat just needs a portion of his coat cleaned. Waterless Shampoo from Drs. Foster and Smith solve all these problems quickly and effectively without the wet mess or hassle of a regular bath. Our specially formulated Dry Shampoo Powder works deep down to help purify the skin and absorb oil and dirt. Dye-free powder is great for pets with oily skin. To use, simply sprinkle on your dog or cats coat after brushing and work in. Continue brushing to remove powder for a pet that smells as clean as it looks. Comes in an 8 oz shaker can. -->The Liquid Waterless Shampoo is ideal for pets that detest water baths or if you just want a quick, convenient way to clean your dog or cat between regular baths. Shampoo contains conditioning agents to help give your pet a brilliant, smooth coat. To use, simply spray on and massage into a rich lather, and then towel dry. Effortless shampoo cleans down to the skin and requires no rinsing, a bonus for both you and your pet. Comes in a 10 oz. spray bottle.Perfect Coat Dry Shampoo talc powder absorbs dirt and odors without irritation. For dogs and cats.-->Please click on "More Information" for a complete list of ingredients in the Liquid Waterless Shampoo.


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